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How To Use PF Accounting Software?


The first step is to create the establishment by setting establishment code, establishment name, username and password. The data entered can be updated by selecting Edit establishment.


This step includes entering establishment details which are used to fill the fields in the PF forms and for PF calculation.


Now enter all the employee details. These details include the monthly wage of an employee, which is a mandatory field for the PF calculations.


Now add the nomination details of the employees for EPF and Pension. Click on nomination data in monthly transaction and select an employee, enter the EPF nominee and family member details which are used in the Nomination and declaration form (Form 2)


If you need to generate the PF calculation for a particular month enter the return month and year, then click on next button, hence it will calculate the PF of all the existing employees at a time. In this software you can also add NCP days of employees. These calculations are the backbone of Provident Fund Challan Form generating software. From these data we can generate the Challan Form, Form 12A, Form 3A, and Form 6A.


To generate the Provident Fund Challan Form, a monthly return together with Form 12A. Click on generate challan form enter the return month and year, then click on next button, add the required fields and save the details. Now click on print button to generate the challan form for that particular month.


Form 12A which is a monthly return, have the summary of PF amount recovered from employees, summary of pf payable by the employer, amount of admin charges , number of existing & new PF subscribers and wages on which contribution are payable. To generate Form 12A for a particular month, click on form 12A, then enter the due month and year, Click on next button to generate the Form.


The details of the employees enrolled newly to the Provident Fund (Form 5) have to be submitted along within Form-12A per month. To generate Form 5, click on the Form5, enter the return month and return year then click on the next button. It will provide you a completely filled copy of Form 5.


You need to submit the Nomination and declaration form for all employees enrolled in the provident fund. So to generate Form 2, click on Form2.Select the employee and click on next button to generate the Form.

Case when an employee�s PF is transferred to an Establishment

In this case that employee must submit Form 13. Click on Form 13 select an employee, click on the Next button to generate Form 13.All field of the Current employee is filled by EPF Calculator.

Case when an Employee need to withdraw PF

In this case that employee must submit Withdrawal form Form19.Click on Form 19, select an employee then click on Next button to generate Form 19.

Break Certificate in Provident Fund

In this case that employee must submit the Form 10c.Click on Form 10c, select an employee click on next button, furnish the details enquired and save the details. Now click on print button to generate Form 10c.


The EPF & MP (Miscellaneous provision act) act was came in to existence from March 14 th 1952.

The act is applicable all over India except the state of Jammu and Kashmir.An establishment with 20 or more workers should register with Employees provident fund organization which comes under any of the 180 industries mentioned.

Presently the following three schemes are providing to employees under this act.
1. Employee provident fund scheme (EPF) 1952
2. Employees� pension scheme (EPS) 1995
3. Employees deposit linked insurance (EDLIS) 1976.

EPF Rates and Contributions

EPF, EPS and EDLIS are calculated on Basic salary, dearness allowances, cash value of food concession and retaining allowances if any.Most of the organizations are following Basic+ DA Method. Below table tells you the rates of contribution of EPF, EPS, EDLI, Admin charges in India.

Scheme Name Employee contribution Employer contribution Paid to A/c No
Employee provident fund 12% 3.67 1
Employees� Pension scheme 0 8.33% 10
Employees Deposit linked insurance 0 0.5% 21
EPF Administrative charges 0 1.1% 2
EDLI Administrative charges 0 0.01% 22

Inspection charges payable by employer

Inspection charges must be paid by the employer in the following Cases. Some establishment are exempted from EDLI contribution as they are providing the same nature of benefit without any contributions from employee, such establishments are liable to pay 0.005% on basic salary. The establishments exempted under the scheme should pay 0.18% of basic salary towards PF inspection charges.

EPF ceiling limit

EPF ceiling limit is fixed to 6500/-.The employer is liable to pay contribution only on 6500/- .if the employee salary is greater than 6500/-, then the contribution will be changed.

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