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Salient Features of Employee Provident Fund Management Software

Follows Open Source Concept

EPF calculation software promotes open source concept for social benefit and there by advancing the software. We provide free alternatives to proprietary code and content to make EPF Calculator completely free and redistributable for everyone. Hence, anyone can use it for their own purposes, without legal hassles, as spread free software.

User Friendly

EPF Calculator is designed as user friendly software that can even be used by non-technical users. By entering the establishment and employee details the software will calculate the provident fund contributions correctly as per EPFO rules and will generate the annual and monthly return forms as per your requirements.

Simple PF calculations for multiple companies

EPF Management Software can do the PF calculations of multiple companies with complete perfection.

Generate all PF Forms for monthly and annual submission

PF Calculation Software generates the entire monthly (Form 12a, Challan Form, Form2, Form5, Form 10 etc) and Yearly (Form 6a, Form 3a) returns and also generates the Transfer form (Form 13), Withdrawal form (Form 19), Withdrawal benefit/ Scheme Certificate form (Form10c) etc.

Calculate PF for direct or contract employees

Provident Fund Software calculates PF for direct and contract employee categories. You can also view the list of International workers within the software.

Provides User Privilege Settings

EPF Management Software can set many users with varying privilege.

Calculate PF For both Un Exempted and Exempted Establishments

EPF Calculator calculates PF for Un-exempted establishments (establishment whose EPF and Pension is completely under the EPFO) and also for Exempted establishment (establishment who’s EPF or Pension scheme or both may under the control of any PF Trust with the approval of EPFO).

Calculate PF for employees with contributions more than wage ceiling

Employee Provident Fund Software calculates the PF for employees whose employee contribution is more than wage ceiling (now more than 12%).

CalculIncludes Some Inbuilt Data

In Provident Fund software the office details are inbuilt. EPF Calculator works according to the current rates of contributions or other parameters declared by the government. If any change occurs, users can update it in Return Parameters.

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